Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawn in great shape all year with our Lawn Care Service

Have you ever drove past that one house that just always caught your eye? More than likely, their lawn had a lot to do with it! Your lawn is one of the first thing that people see and it sets their expectations of what else to expect. Handymen United knows how to keep lawns looking good.

Here's some reasons why you should be concerned about your lawn:

A lawn that is well maintained boosts the property's curb appeal. If you're planning to sell your house at some point, buyers will take a great interest in a home with well-tended surroundings.

Weeds and their seeds. You say weeds never bothered you? Well ignoring weeds in a poorly-maintained lawn makes it difficult to get rid of them if you ever plan to get your lawn taken care of sometime. Grass is no match for weeds. Get rid of them.

Unkept lawns foster pests, rodents, and insects. These guys love to burrow in and eat grass from the roots up. No need to mention the amount of mosquitoes a nasty lawn attracts. Don't get bit and call us today.

Why Choose Our Service?

We believe that everyone is connected no matter our differences. We are all sharing this space together. Hence, our relationships with our customers are real and we endeavor to operate our small business in a way that contributes to our community. Join us and become part of our service family. United we stand.

Expert People

Our people are knowledgeable handymen. Each one has a wealth of experience and skill.

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Our licenses and insurance protects you and your property from damage and liability.

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We stand behind our work. Our labor is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.*

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Our memberships allow for extended accessibility to our services at a discount.

Lawn Care

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Lawn Care
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